Celebration Cakes 

  1. Teal Communion
    Teal Communion
  2. 21st Birthday Key
    21st Birthday Key
  3. Silver/White Communion
    Silver/White Communion
  4. Anniversary Cake
    Anniversary Cake
  5. M0ther's Day
    M0ther's Day
  6. Graduati0n Cake
    Graduati0n Cake
  7. Cr0ss Cake
    Cr0ss Cake
  8. Bue Cmmunin
    Bue Cmmunin
  9. Lovebirds
  10. Teddy Christening
    Teddy Christening
  11. Christening #2
    Christening #2
  12. Alice in Wonderland
    Graduation Cupcakes
  13. Hen's Night
    Hen's Night
  14. Pink Peony Christening
    Pink Peony Christening
Pricing of all cakes varies depends on size, time needed to create and detail involved in your creation.

Please contact us to discuss your Celebration Cake requirements.